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These Beautiful Golf Cars Are Luxurious and Come With All The Features You Desire!
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Live The Dream…

We design your one-of-a-kind custom golf carts to fit your lifestyle and needs. First, you’ll work with our team to outline the specific look, feel and features you envision.

Then we’ll build your new electric golf cart exactly the way you want it, from the seats, body and lift down to the chassis. We also provide a showroom of new and used golf carts to select from in Sacramento.

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About Electric Golf Car Company

Looking for a new set of wheels? At Electric Golf Car Company, we are your one-stop shop for custom golf carts, street legal LSV carts and golf cart conversions. We specialize in building street-legal carts that are comfortable, unique and high-performance to meet a variety of needs and uses. We’re family-owned, and we pride ourselves in delivering unmatched pricing and customer service. Every cart is made right here in the U.S We rebuild it just the way you want it, and we deliver anywhere in the country. Whether you’re looking to buy a new cart, up-convert the one you have or rent one for your next beach trip, we’re ready to help.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I was really surprise at the high level of service at Electric Golf Car Company, something I’m not used to finding, but was happy to find experienced and knowledgeable sales people. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it seems family-owned businesses like theirs seem to go a bit more “out of their way” than the rest.

– TJ